Empowering Educators 


YanYan teacher training is focused on real-world  application of proven principles for language learning and teaching.  Teachers will deepen their understanding of fundamental principles and increase their ability to apply these principles in the unique environments  inherent to varied school language programs. 


Module 1: Principles of Language Learning & Teaching (4 hours - $100/teacher) 

  • Fundamental Principles of Language Learning and Teaching 

    • What are the fundamental principles of language  learning? 

    • What are the fundamental principles of language  teaching? 

    • How do I use these principles to self-evaluate? 

  • Application in a Content-Based Immersion Environment 

    • How do I create an experiential, communicative environment? 

    • How do I create activities that support and elicit target proficiency levels? 

    • How do I assess student progress? 


Module 2: Principle-based Planning (4 hours - $100/teacher) 

  • Understanding the ACTFL proficiency levels 

    • What are the core language functions I should focus on? 

    • How do I increase students’  overall proficiency while targeting specific skills?  

  • Connecting Utah World Language Standards & Content Area Standards 

    • How do I meet the Utah World Language Standards  and  the content area standards?  

    • How do I know if students are achieving the World Language Standards? 

  • Planning with a Counterpart 

    • How do I work with my counterpart teacher to meet learning objectives? 

    • How do I build on the learning experiences provided during my counterpart’s class time? 


Module 3: Evidence-based Collaboration (2 hours - $50/teacher) 

  • Assessing Outcomes

    • How do I assess language learning outcomes? 

  • Communicating Progress 

    • How do I communicate student progress to parents and administrators? 

    • How can I help parents support language learning at home?