Founder / Lead Instructor


Heather received her Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and her Masters Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). She is currently a doctoral student in Educational Leadership & Foundations at Brigham Young University. 


While serving in Taiwan as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she developed a deep love for the Chinese people. She also discovered a passion for teaching language. Since that time, she has spent her career helping learners discover their potential - through the experience of language learning.


Heather has spent 20+ years teaching Mandarin Chinese and English as a foreign language. Her experience has included curriculum design, materials development, and teacher training for language learning programs ranging from Pre-K to Community Adult Education, and serving learners in both face-to-face and online environments. Heather has taught students and teachers of all age groups and proficiency levels, and has worked in Utah, Arizona, and Guangzhou, China. Prior to YanYan, Heather worked as Director of ELL Programs for Sequoia Schools in Mesa, Arizona. While there, Heather also started a successful after-school Chinese learning program for students of varying language backgrounds. Currently, Heather lives out her vocation as the director of an online English-language learning program serving learners worldwide.

Heather Porter 

“I love that moment when a student catches a glimpse of their own potential. Watching the realization grow from deep inside, spread across their face, and fill their eyes with light - that is one of life’s most beautiful experiences. I believe the journey of learning a new language can be filled with these moments.”

Our Mission

Lead positive change by enabling others to actualize their full potential through expanded skills in communication and agentive learning.

Our Philosophy 

  • We believe language is a tool for making a positive impact in the world.


  • We believe learning a language is a journey that fosters the self-discovery of innate gifts, passions, and capabilities to learn and create.  


  • We believe every student has unlimited potential and, given the right tools and opportunities, can achieve mastery in the language. 


  • We believe that language learning is a powerful tool for internalizing vital lifelong learning skills.


  • We believe early learning experiences can be designed to establish foundational beliefs about self, learning, and others that shape the way a student approaches current and future situations. 


  • We believe that parents play a critical supporting role in a student's development of language and learning skills.


Our Approach 


Our approach is based on foundational principles of learning and teaching, and an intentional focus on the building blocks of proficiency. The anatomy of each learning activity will help your student learn to interact in meaningful communication while building confidence in their ability to be successful. 

Our activities are designed to: 


  • Foster positive interaction and meaningful communication.

  • Heighten self-awareness and broaden strategic competence.

  • Implicitly and intentionally cultivate lifelong learning skills.

  • Be learner-centered. Teachers make instructional decisions based on learner levels, styles, needs, and evidences of learning.


In addition to our innovative curriculum, we also utilize a singular approach to language instruction. We undersand that each learner has different needs depending on where they are in their journey towards mastery. Our uniquely qualified teachers specialize in teaching methods that capitalize on differences in age and proficiency level. These methods enable us to facilitate learning experiences that support and challenge students at any level.